Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sony Walkman NWZ-W202

At first glance, you would think it is just a hip looking ear bud style headphones, but no, Sony went a step further by incorporating an MP3 player in the headphones. The new Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 indeed has a life of its own. It would seem like you are wearing a bluetooth device on each ear attached to each other by a flexible neckband. It is 1.3 oz in weight making it the lightest and smallest MP3 out in the market.

Because of its size and weight, comfort when worn won’t be an issue. It fits snuggly on each ear thanks to the silicone ear tips (ear buds come in different sizes for sure fit). You won’t worry if it’ll fall off when you walk, jog, jump or just feel like dancing with it. It fits securely and comfortably and best of all it is tangle free! That has always been a perennial issue with me when it comes to portable music players like these. The lengthy wire that jumps with me and goes around my arm and neck that most of the time strangles me. Well, with Sony W202 this problem had been totally eliminated! You won’t even waste your time untangling any wires when you store them in your bags or with your other gadgets.

I have actually used it while jogging and likewise brought it to the gym, it didn’t fail to cast a curious look on other people’s faces. First, it was eye catching because of its cool pink color (also available in black, purple, yellow and white) and secondly, I’m sure they were trying to figure out where it attaches to and if that was actually it. They were probably looking for an armband, a waistband or whatever “thingy” to which a player should be attached to. Nope…not with this one. With the Sony Walkman W-202, it is strictly between you and your music.

If its just between you and your music, so where does it come from? As previously mentioned, the headphone is indeed the MP3. It can store approximately 500 tracks in its 2GB memory. It supports not only MP3 audio formats but also AAC and WMA. Controls are all tucked on the right earpiece that holds the USB jack for transfer of music which is as easy as drag and drop between your PC’s Windows Media player and your Sony Walkman. It has the volume control, the shuffle switch and the jog dial where you can control the different music functions. Since it lacks a screen display to view the list of songs, Sony has created the “Zappin” mode activated with a long press of the jog dial. Once activated it helps you quickly browse through the music you want to listen to by playing a short snippet of the song and a quick press of the jog dial will resume play.

It has an excellent sound quality that is clear and crisp and is played at satisfactory volume just right whether you are working out in the gym or jogging outdoors. With a good battery life of up to 12 hours, the Sony Walkman W-202 is perfect for those you live an active lifestyle.

(Len Amadora, Manila Bulletin Technews)

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Andrea said...

Hi, I really appreciated your review. I think I would like to buy one for myself as well. Where is this product available? Abenson? Anson? Thanks!