Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nokia's share on OVI "a big joke"

Looks like it's not only me who's frustrated with the way Nokia is handling Ovi. It's the fourth day now that I could not get my photos in their site and I am not the only one whose having this problem, and it seems that Nokia is doing some damage control by CLOSING the comments of the blog they have created. Go to the share on Ovi blog to see the comments, I guess Nokia would soon sanitized this so better hurry up.

One poster said:

Your Share on Ovi service is a joke. Shut it down and outsource it to Google or MSN, one of the big boys who really know how to run a web service. Stick to what you know, making phones. You're wasting your $ and destroying shareholder value by trying your hand at web services.

The problem is also being discussed now at All About Symbian, the only positive comment came from one poster who is obviously working at Ovi who said that "There have been some glitches of course - at least one reader emailed in with a story of woe - but things generally seem to be working." All posts after that comment are all stories of woe informing the readers that nothing is working with Ovi.

What would happen now to my photos? If they could not let me in to manage my account they should delete everything in it.

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