Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love G1 La Fea

The G1 suffers much on the looks department as it appears boring becuase of the boxy design. In the world of smartphone where the sleek look seems to be the standard, the G1 would not stand out. However, the G1's selling point is not its looks but its substance -- the Android, a Linux-based mobile phone operating system that provides functionality and speed compared to other phones using different OS. (Photos taken using the Olympus E510)

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The G1 is easy to open, you don't need extra accessory to insert your SIM card.

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There's a step by step guide on what to do the first time you open your G1

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You need a gmail account to activate the G1. It's a WiFi capable but there is no way to activate the WiFi you need to activate first the handset using your gmail account.

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Instead of a password, it uses a passpattern to access your G1 from the sleep mode.

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How I wish the space bar is a little bigger.

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It comes with a 1GB micro-SDHC. The slot however is DIFFICULT to open

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The G1 has five buttons on top of its "chin" phone, home, trackball, back and end. There is also a MENU button that gives you the additional option of the active application, works like the RIGHT mouse click.

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Mini USB sync and data cable, this is also where the audio jack is connected. The G1 does not support the standard 3.5mm audio jack.

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The 3.1megapix auto focus camera. It's slow.

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