Thursday, November 13, 2008


Just to set the record straight, the real name of the phone known to many as the Google phone is HTC G1. This is the first implementation of the Android Software, a Linux-based mobile phone operating system that provides better functionality and speed compared to other phones using different OS. Android is designed by Google hence it was known to many as the Google phone.

The G1 was manufactured by HTC and like other HTC phones, the body of the G1 has a matte finish giving it a soft and warm feel.

The G1 suffers much on the looks department as it appears boring because of the boxy design and its face being dominated by a 3.2-inch touch screen. Simply put, in the world of smartphones where the sleek look seems to be the standard, the G1 would not stand out.

The G1 features a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, 3.1-megapixel camera, Bluetooh, built -in GPS navigation with built-n GPS receiver and map software, it also features a drag and drop user interface. The processor of the G1 is 528 MHz, similar to some of the leading mobile phone brands available in the market today.

The G1 has five buttons in front, just below the screen, tagged as phone, home, the track ball, back and end. There is also the menu button which is like right clicking a mouse to show options of active application.

The G1 uses the capacitive touchscreen technology similar to the iPhone. It has a 3.2-inch TFT-LCD display and 320x480 resolution.

Setting up the G1 is easy, all you need is a SIM card and a google account, there’s one problem though, although it has a WiFi, there’s no option to activate it during setup. You need to activate the phone first using your provider.

If you’re a constant gmail and internet user, you would love the G1. It has a dedicated screen for google search and the GMAIL icon which you could drag to your home screen for easy access, it could also receive instant noficiation whenever there are new messages in the inbox. Additionally, it provides Google maps and Youtube.

The G1 has no software keypad, so you need to slide it open everytime you input text messages. It also has a "chin" that hampers the right hand in operation when using the keypad.

The home screen of the G1 has three panels, swiping right or left will give you access to the additionals shortcuts and applications. The home screen can be fully customized by just pressing the desired application from the MAIN MENU and dropping it to the active panel. Just like a computer.

While Apple has the apps store to boast, the G1 has the Android Market where you can download additional applications. The G1 now has more than 200 free apps available from about 20 when it was launched.

I have been using the G1 for more than 10 days and the more I used it, the more I appreciate the things that it could do. The G1 maybe ugly but it sure delivers and performs beyond my expectations.

Lastly, the G1 although is not a multitouch device is the only touch screen phone that is on a par with the iPhone. It responded smoothly and accurately with taps, scrools and drags.

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Rochelle said...

hi..this is a pretty interesting blog since i just bought a G1 phone myself and it's been sitting in my drawer for 3 wks now 'coz i can't use it! i bought it from the US and i had it unlocked here and i thought that was it, i can use it right away. but it can't access to the internet nor get a signal at all. i don't know why. a technician i consulted told me i would need smart to activate the internet settings so i went to the smart center but even they can't help me. maybe you can. PLEASE. email me at would REALLY appreciate it. thanks:)