Saturday, November 1, 2008

First G1 in the Philippines

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As usual Technews got the honor of having the latest gadget in the Philippines. Photo shows the G1 Android Phone in the Technews Lab. While other news organizations in the Philippines were happy just to feature the Android Phone, Technews took the next step and bought one from our source abroad. We have tested it using Globe, Smart and Sun SIM and it worked. Full review of the G1 will be published next week.


N said...

Hi Art,

I recently acquired this phone and did not realized that it had to be activated via sign-in to the google network, which I have not been able to figure out how to do here in the Philippines. I have been wondering what are the APN settings to use this on Globe (preferably) or Smart in order to successfully activate the phone. I've searched all over the internet for Globe APNs and nothing I've found has worked. Please help, otherwise this phone will just be a paperweight for me. Thanks in advance.

Art Samaniego said...

Hi N, APN for Smart is internet, and for Globe is Leave all entries blank for Smart, and use "globe" without the quotes for your username and password for Globe.

Please call me at 5278121 if you need additional assistance.

Thank you.

Carmen said...

Hi Art,

I have the same problem with N. I tried what you told him to do but it's still not working. It wouldn't allow me to leave all the entries blank like the Name and MCC. If you don't mind, please give me a step-by-step procedure on how to configure the APN settings so I can finally use my G1 phone. Thank you very much.


kes said...

Hi Art. I was searching for the Globe APN when I stumbled upon your site. I followed the APN configuration that you wrote here. I can browse the internet but I still cant synch my G1 to my google account(gmail,contacts and calendar). I also cant connect to the android market. What must i configure to allow synching and access to the android market through my G1? Thanks.