Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nokia N96: a downgraded N95 8GB?

As expected, Technews got the honor of having the first commercial unit of the latest gadget from Nokia -- the N96. I first saw the N96 in Sydney during the Showcase Nokia 2008 last February and I promised myself that this baby would be my next phone.

Faithful to his promise, my source in Hongkong gave me the first commercial unit before its official release. I was an N82 and N95 user and I can't help but compare this latest toy to my previous phones. Although the N96 looks much better compared to other Nseries devices, I was surprised to notice some "downgrading" that Nokia implemented in the N96.

1) The camera lens of the N96 is 2.8/5.2, the N82 and N95 have 2.8/5.6 -- the N82 and N95 have more aperture. More aperture means more light gets to the optics inside the camera resulting to brighter objects. Also the digital zoom has been reduced to 10x, the digital zoom of the N95 8GB is 20x.

2) The CPU has been downgraded to ARM9 264MHz for N96 the N95 has a Dual 332Mhz ARM11 based CPU. The CPU is the brain of the system, given a choice I will go for the faster CPU anytime.

3) The battery is the same as the N95-1, a 950 mAh the N95 8GB has 1200 mAh. This change resulted to lesser talk time (3 hrs and 40 mins) as compared to the N95 8GB (6 hrs).

4) No infra-red port on N96 but who uses infra-red anyway.

5) There is no Hardware 3D graphics accelerator in N96. Simply put, the HW 3D graphics accelerator provides high quality graphics and text on small screen devices like the cellphones. (The Nokia N93 is the first Nokia phone with HW 3D graphics accelerator).

I feel like someone who has fallen in love at first sight with a very pretty girl and realized later while we are together in bed that she has a padded bra and fake eyelashes.

But I won't give up this phone, I still love it. Maybe because I am a philosopher and I know that a padded bra and fake eyelashes do NOT make someone less of a human being. Love is really blind.

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