Saturday, July 5, 2008

The wedding song...

A friend called me and said that "Life with you" would be a very popular wedding song and asked if I could make money from it. I told him NO, the lyrics first and foremost like what I told the people in the academy is not entirely mine thus I could not take credit for the whole of it. Although I have been writing lyrics for songs in the seminary when I was in college, writing for someone very special is different, I was stumped the moment I finished the first stanza then after a month I wrote the second stanza then that's it. Good things I have friends who contributed bits and pieces of something they have heard from here and there, and after another two months I then added the last stanza and the finish product is something that looks like a poem which I titled "Life with you".

He also asked if he could use the song, I told him that I guess anybody could just use it but have to ask permission first from the academy and not from me :).

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