Friday, July 11, 2008

Technews says pass to iPhone 3G

My source in HK asked me yesterday if I want an iPhone 3G, I told him it depends. I said I will get one ASAP if I have the option of returning it if I don't want it like our deal with other gadgets. He said no, if I want one, he said, I should keep it and he said that he could send it in less than a week. I told him I could not sacrifice more than 50 thousand pesos of my budget for a gadget that no one might be interested and that 50 thousand pesos is too much just to have the honor of having the first iPhone 3G in the Philippines. Technews was the first to have the iPhone in the Philippines, this time around it's OK if others would get that honor.

Technews has always been the first to get the latest gizmos and gadgets, sorry to disappoint you folks, but this time we say PASS muna!

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