Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mama Mia! I have an HP mini note

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"It might be small in size but its big on usability, durability, and attractiveness. Packed with an impressive combination of features, the HP 2133 offers you a full-function PC with the utmost mobility. Plus, its simple, refined design and all-aluminium case make it sleek and sturdy yet super lightweight.

Weighing in at just 1.27 kg, with a large 8.9-inch WXGA display, the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC features a durable design with a robust suite of wireless, multimedia and security capabilities to allow users to stay productive". What can I say but two words... I AGREE!

The question is, what will happen to my Sony Vaio? Back in the box I guess.

Sony Vaio G

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My new laptop issued to me by the MB management, just hours ago :).

The VAIO VGN-G11 runs on Windows Vista Business but I immediately downgraded it to Windows XP. It features Intel Ultra Low Voltage Core Solo U1500 1.33GHz processor, 1GB of RAM Intel 945GMS graphics and 100GB hard drive.

It is built with layered carbon fibre and only weighs 1.12kg. My boss said that the battery life of this laptop is up to 9 hours whew!

Wall-E toy robot

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One of my latest toys. Wall-E is a talking, dancing, walking, running robot.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Technews says pass to iPhone 3G

My source in HK asked me yesterday if I want an iPhone 3G, I told him it depends. I said I will get one ASAP if I have the option of returning it if I don't want it like our deal with other gadgets. He said no, if I want one, he said, I should keep it and he said that he could send it in less than a week. I told him I could not sacrifice more than 50 thousand pesos of my budget for a gadget that no one might be interested and that 50 thousand pesos is too much just to have the honor of having the first iPhone 3G in the Philippines. Technews was the first to have the iPhone in the Philippines, this time around it's OK if others would get that honor.

Technews has always been the first to get the latest gizmos and gadgets, sorry to disappoint you folks, but this time we say PASS muna!

My new toys in the Technews Lab

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Motorola Ferrari. Review coming out on Monday in the Technews Section of the Manila Bulletin
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The wedding song...

A friend called me and said that "Life with you" would be a very popular wedding song and asked if I could make money from it. I told him NO, the lyrics first and foremost like what I told the people in the academy is not entirely mine thus I could not take credit for the whole of it. Although I have been writing lyrics for songs in the seminary when I was in college, writing for someone very special is different, I was stumped the moment I finished the first stanza then after a month I wrote the second stanza then that's it. Good things I have friends who contributed bits and pieces of something they have heard from here and there, and after another two months I then added the last stanza and the finish product is something that looks like a poem which I titled "Life with you".

He also asked if he could use the song, I told him that I guess anybody could just use it but have to ask permission first from the academy and not from me :).

Wednesday, July 2, 2008, chickens out

One of my favorite gossip sites seems to be out of commission. What I thought to be the bravest and most vocal site that ridicules anybody who comes there way is now "invite only", meaning it is only available to invited viewers only.

The site has become very popular as it ridicules people in the high society and call them names without fear(?). But now with threats of exposing their real identity by one of their "victims", it seems that chikatime panicked, chickened out and flew out of the coop.

The contributors of the blog ridicules their victims by calling them names, which gives readers the notion that these guys are model materials or physically perfect.