Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pinoy Dream Academy will give music to the poem

We have been planning our wedding for almost a year now and we have been through a lot of challenges. Feelings were hurt, shouts were exchanged, presence were ignored and small wars were waged between us. Wedding preparation is really draining not only emotionally but also financially. Now that there are fewer kinks to iron I have more time to think how to make this very special occasion memorable for us.

I could have given her a bigger diamond ring but I am not a Ryan Agoncillo; I could have planned for a grander reception but I am not an Arroyo and I could have taken her abroad for the ceremony but I am not a Zobel, Ayala or Bektas. So to make the celebration more meaningful for us, I decided to compose a song for her. A song especially for her and a song that we could call our own. The song/poem that came out however is not entirely mine, I started it and I asked my friends to contribute to it. I have nowhere to go that I asked several of my friends to give me anything that comes to there mind. WHO contributed WHAT I could no longer remember but at last something has come out that looks like a poem :). Not original? I don't care as long as I have a song especially for Michelle.

There's one problem though, nobody would put music into it. A song without the music is but a poem. Lyrics without the melody is but a bunch of words arranged together to form lines and stanzas. Desperation... desperation

Then one day, while watching Pinoy Dream Academy, it dawned to me that these talented boys and girls inside the Academy could help me put music to the poem. I then sent an email to Direk Lauren Dyogi, subliminally begging him to use the lyrics for the scholars' music composition exercises but I did not expect any reply from him because I know that the academy is swarmed with similar requests and I used a very "baduy" alias; I registered a new yahoo email and called myself "MrInLove". The moment I clicked the send button I realized that nobody could take that name seriously.

Then yesterday, I received this:

Hello Mr. In Love,

Direk Lauren asked us to get in touch with you regarding your email. Can you please call us at 415xxxx, or better yet, contact me directly in my cell phone 0915-426xxxx ASAP. We are hoping that we can put you on air this afternoon in UBERTURE.


I called Marc expecting a male voice to answer the phone, but to my surprise the pretty feminine voice that answered the phone was Marc. She informed me that I would be in the first gap (whatever that is) and Billy Crawford would interview me about the song and I have to make sure that my signal is OK.

Here's what happened:

I can hear Billy on the background reading my email to Direk Lauren. Then I was on the air.

Billy: ... so Arturo how are you?
Me: ... Hello, you can call me art
Billy: (laughs) Oh hello Art, this is Billy Crawford, you can call me Billy (laughs again)
Me: Hi Billy, this is supposed to be a surprise for my girlfriend but since I am now on TV...
Billy: (cuts in) you are not on TV I am on TV (laughs some more)
Me: (laughs) ah ok
Billy: So ang gagawin ipapasok yong lyrics mo sa academy then the two groups would put music into it and then ikaw mamimili kung alin mas gusto mo? Is that OK?
Me: (speechless)
Billy: Ayaw mo yata eh (laughs)
Me: Hey mas maganda, I love it.
Billy: Yep Mas ayos di ba? So thank you...

The moment I put down the phone, messages from friends and relatives started coming in. I never thought that they would give it a coverage, all I need is a melody :).

One problem solved. I am now confident that the song for Michelle would be perfect.

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