Thursday, June 5, 2008

The great shift: from printers to printing

First it was Epson who declared that they are not only a printer company but also systems integrator and solutions company, then last month HP said that it would continue to drive innovation across its core printing business by providing useful solutions beyond the device, and now here comes Samsung who said that aside from introducing new range of printing devices, they would also introduce solutions to help businesses increase their efficiency.

While all of these companys' solutions focus on the SMB and Enterprise clients, it was only HP who introduced the benefits of this change to the individual consumers.

Aside from introducing new printers last month, HP has also provided tools for the consumers that would make printing easier and more productive. Templates and tools are available including logos, photos and software at There is also a cost estimator that allows users to know the cost if a material is printed in-house or thru print service provider.

In the recent GO Busines Print 2.0 event in Shanghai, China, HP also highlighted, the Smart Web Printing software. HP said that With almost half of the printing content in the home coming from the web, fixing the current horrible printing experience from the web (cut off pages, extra pages with just one line of text, etc.) has been a high priority for them. The software would be included with almost all of new HP products and is also available free for download.

With this development we can clearly see why HP is on the lead.

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