Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goodbye iPhone, hello Diamond

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"Sometimes a GOODBYE is painful to make the HELLO more joyful". The HTC Touch Diamond fits perfectly inside my leather card holder

HTC Diamond - one hand, one touch
the box looks great, what's inside is even greater

This is the second device that received much attention from the Technews crew next to i-Sobot and the only device that all of us would like to touch first just to get the honor of having the first thumb mark on the sharp 2.8-inch touch screen of this new gadget. Unlike the HTC Touch and HTC Touch Dual that remained in their boxes for several days, the HTC Diamond's box was immediately ripped off when it arrived in the office. Aside from the box, the HTC Diamond is elegantly packed inside a glossy black pyramid-like casing that received oohs and wows from the boys.

We all agreed that the HTC Diamond is oozing with sex appeal. Comments like "wow ganda", "uyy cute" and "putek ang sexy" were heard over and over again. It's a device that would awaken any man's lust for a gadget. It's like a viagra for someone like the Technews crew who are experiencing gadget fatigue and hitech indifference, a problem among us because of prolong exposure to hitech toys and new gadgets everday.

Although the Diamond is using Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, first time users would not even know it as it has been overlaid with a 3D touch interface called the TouchFLO 3D. "TouchFLO 3D provides a stunningly intuitive way to zip through common tasks like messaging, calendar appointments or making calls with just one touch." TouchFLO 3D also provides animated access to people, messaging, email, photos, music, weather and more. And because of the the slim design users could send SMS and access the Diamond using just one hand; the size and the weight is perfect for one hand operation.

The HTC Touch Diamond is a Triband GSM phone that supports GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA data speeds. It also features wifi, GPS and Bluetooth 2.0.

The HTC Touch Diamond uses Opera browser which makes the availability of the Pocket IE useless as Opera renders web pages perfectly.

The phone syncs to the PC via ActiveSync in Windows XP and Mobile Device Center in windows Vista. Users can sync contacts, calendar, tasks, favorites and more. The phone can also be used as a mass storage device when you enable the use of the device as a USB drive.

The HTC Touch Diamond is an impressive and powerful device and I recommend it for both the business and personal users.

Whoever said that you could not mix business with pleasure has not seen the HTC Touch Diamond.

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