Thursday, June 5, 2008

05.06.2008 - Share on Ovi
The creations of Avel Bacudio.

Skimpy outfits, skinny models and beautiful faces are the reasons why I usually switch to Fashion TV when HBO, Cinemax and Star TV have nothing good to offer. But today is different. I'm here at the Shangri-la to see Avel Bacudio's masterpieces.

It all started when I called Angie Limbaco and asked her to assist Michelle to accessorize her wedding gown as it turned out to be a total disappointment. Michelle told me that she would look like a Manang wearing that gown designed by someone whose one of the selling point is that she designed the gowns of the ABS-CBN stars (I still have to verify if this this true). Angie with a smile on her face dragged me here at the Lobby of the Shangri-la to witness the Fashion Watch. I feel like a fish out of the water. Good thing Annie, Alexie and Nikka are here. I also see familiar faces and faces that I only see at Now I know that Chikatime is not exaggerating :)

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