Monday, February 4, 2008

MB Technews: latest and comprehensive product reviews and features

This article was published in the February 2, 2008 issue of the Manila Bulletin..

By Art Samaniego Jr.
Technews Editor

The MB Technews section literally put the “i” in the constantly monitored local phone market with its comprehensive coverage of the biggest newsmaker in gadgets world of 2007.

Its reporting of the iPhone include not only articles of its much-awaited market release, pros and cons and heightening popularity but actual review of a unit that is first to arrive in the country – or a couple of days after its globally-covered New York debut.

Technews is not only the first to own and review what is now considered an icon in mobile devices, our section also scored breakthroughs in its coverage of the ever-evolving technology.

People turned to Manila Bulletin for the latest news in the much hyped N-series of Nokia as our section (again) was first to use and review some of these coveted units.

We kept our readers connected to the latest in Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series and help them knew more of the Samsung Ultra Thin series, simply because our Technews lab have these units ahead of others.

We were first to get hold and write reviews of the PS3 and Wii, making Technews a must-read for gaming enthusiasts in 2007. Roly, Sony’s egg-shaped bundle of technological wonder, first played music and danced at our pages.

The first unit of Asus Eee PC in the Philippines was delivered in the Technews office a few days after it was announced. It was in our hands weeks before it was introduced in the local market.

HP, Toshiba, Asus, Acer and Sony Vaio also picked Technews to try their latest products, though we sometimes beat them to it as MB kept constant touch with its contacts abroad for the newest gadgets.

Technews is not about the best (and the worst) gadgets in 2007.

Twice a week, MB readers get updates on the latest in information technology from our columnists who brilliantly combine their literary talents with their vast knowledge and expertise in technology.

We count among our esteemed columnists a university professor, an IT consultant, a gadgets freak, a true-blue blogger and a techie single mother. Members of the Technews team are all IT practitioners not ordinary writers who were just given the beat to cover. All of us know what we are writing about and understand fully our responsibility to the reading public -- that is to teach and to inform.

In 2007, Technews was able to reach out to MB readers of all ages.

And to further extend its coverage of technology, Technews takes pride in being invited to prestigious events around the globe. Name any major techie happening and, chances are, a Technews representative was there.

Asus, Canon, Logitech, Nokia, Samsung and Sony, for the record gave Technews tickets to visit their main office abroad.

Modesty aside, we believe companies want their products to first appear in our section. They want comprehensive features and reviews.

And we delivered.


ajay said...

Yay! Is that me...the true-blue blogger? or you? hehe. Am proud! thanks for the opportunity:) Go! Go! MB Technews!:D

Art Samaniego said...

Yes AJ it's you at wala ng iba pa :).