Monday, January 14, 2008

Tomy i-SOBOT soon at the Technews lab

i-Sobot, the world's smallest and most hi-tech humanoid robot for the consumers is on its way to the Technews Lab within the week. It is the smallest fully bipedal humanoid robot ever mass produced. It features 17 custom developed servo-motors, 19 integrated circuit chips, a built-in gyro-sensor, voice command recognition, and a speaking vocabulary of over 200 words and phrases. It is capable of smooth and sophisticated bidepal movement which includes forward, backward or side-to-side walking, as well as dancing, standing up from a prone position, calisthenics and many other actions requiring human-like self-powered articulation.

The robot has four modes of control, providing a wide variety of operation. Remote Control Mode: Movements can be controlled directly using joy sticks and command buttons. He can also perform hundreds of amazing pre-programmed actions using short button codes; Programming Mode: Program a sequence of up to 80 actions, then easily play the sequence back with the push of a button; Special Action Mode: Command i-SOBOT to play air guitar, impersonate a movie character, or perform any of 18 pre-programmed special actions; and Voice Command Mode: i-SOBOT recognizes 10 voice commands, reacting with dozens of appropriate but unpredictable actions.

The boys at the lab are eargerly waiting...

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