Monday, December 10, 2007

New goodies in the Technews Lab

The iPhone and the "iFeng" :). The "iFeng" is a dual-SIM touch screen phone with vibrating speakers. It supports bluetooth and has a built-in megapixel camera. Engraved at the back of the phone is an Apple logo and "DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLY BY CHINA. APPLE RETAIN ALL THE POWER."


Brennan Mercado said...

I just love your job.

Anyway, how much does an Ifeng cost? any thoughts/reviews on the dual-phones that are out on the market now?

Art Samaniego said...

The i-feng is about five thousand pesos only, but it is being sold here in the Philippines for as much as 12K, sobra! If you are near Manila you can visit the office anytime :).