Friday, October 19, 2007

Glorietta 2 Bombing Victims

All photos are property of Steve Galos. We came from the Makati Shangrila for the Sharp event and here's what we saw. These are the first batch of victims being brought out of the mall. I immediately instructed Steve to take as many picture as he can while I run towards the mall. I noticed two men that look like investigators wearing barong with the same color as mine so I join them, the police officers and security guards let us in without question. I heard them talking of possible secondary explosions so I immediately went out, it was dark inside because of the smoke. I was guided by a security guard where to go, near the door I saw a group of photographers being pushed away by the security guards. The guards asked them politely to go but the photographers were rudely shouting at the guards. Steve said that there was a minor scuffle between the guards and the photographers.

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