Wednesday, September 26, 2007

way to go Globe!

I recently talked with Cathy Santamaria, of Globe. I told her that I am very much satisfied with what Globe is doing now especially in handling complaints and inquiries. I related to her my experience when I tried to change the unit of my phone with BlackBerry connect from Nokia E61 to Nokia E61i, while other Telcos with BlackBerry service asked me to call and email three different people, I only have to talk to one contact person with Globe. She said that it is Globe's aim to improve the quality of service that they have, this is the reason why they have integrated all of Globe's brands under one brand identity. According to Cathy, the new symbol called the “Globe Life” is meant to promise endless possibilities. It illustrates the wealth of products and services that Globe offers to enrich the customers’ experience. Each icon in the new logo represents not just the things Globe offers today, but also those that inspire Globe to innovate. At the center of the “Globe Life” is a hand. "It represents the customers who are at the core of everything we do."

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