Wednesday, September 26, 2007

iPod touch is just a downgraded iPhone

Apple released the new iPods in the Philippine market. The star of the launch was the new iPod Touch, it is basically a downgraded iPhone. If you've seen an iPhone, shrink it a little and remove its phone, camera and notes and that's it, you already have an iPod touch, even the OS of two products are the same. I asked Tony Li, Director for Product Marketing of Apple Asia Pacific if the iPhone would not compete with the newly released iPod touch. He said no, first because iPhone is not available in the Philippines and second it will depend on the consumer if they want music or phone functionality. Maybe he has not heard of Greenhills, where per my last check you could already buy an open-line iPhone, and second if a consumers should decide, I'm sure they would go for both -- music and phone functionality. As I look at it, it seems that the iPod Touch is like someone with identity crisis -- a device that wants to be an iPod but also aims to be an iPhone. The iPod touch 8GB is priced at P19,090.00, the 8GB iPhone now costs US$399.00.

Being one of the firsts (if not the first) consumer with iPhone in the Philippines I have decided to asked someone to crack my iPhone just to see if it could be done. True to his promise, I can now use my iPhone using any SIM. After the launch of new iPods, I decided to reset my iPhone to it's orginal setting because I would like to try cracking it on my own. Using software available from the Internet I was able to crack the iPhone in less than five minutes. I again reset it to its factory setting and off it goes again to our Technews Lab shelf.

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