Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Globe Broadband doubles the speed at the same price

Photo shows Alette Tabingo, PR Consultant; Mon Pineda, Head of Consumer Broadband Group; Jones Campos, Head of PR; Menchie Cruz, Head CorpComm Globe Telecom at the launch of new Globe Broadband services.

Wired Globe Broadband Plans
up to 1.5 mbps Internet Only P995
up to 3 mbps Internet Only P1,995
up to 384 kpbs Internet + Landline P995
up to 1 mbps Internet + Landline P1,295
up to 2 mbps Internet + Lnadline P1,995

Wireless Globe Broandband Plans
up to 512 kbps Internet only P995
up to 512 kbps Internet + Landline P1,295

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