Friday, August 24, 2007

my VEPTU from China

You read it right, the photo shows VEPTU, the fake VERTU from China. I bought it in China last year but got only the chance to play with it now when ABS-CBN called because they heard that I have the NOKLA, NOKIR and SAMXING phones. Aside from the fake phones mentioned above, we also have fake Sony Ericsson W850i and fake O2 phones called O3.

These are cheap phones for cheap people! Cheap not only for their price (all phones mentioned above are below 10K), but also for their quality.


jason said...

ive been looing for a replica vertu phone...

please email me and let me know where i can get one from..

do they work quite well?

email me on

Art Samaniego said...

I bought mine in China last year. I have not seen one here in the Philippines. Yes, it worked fine... I have only used it for less than an hour just to test it.

jakuo said...

Hi, how much is the fake vertu? you said its under 10k, which currency is it? i can get one but it cost 199 to 300 USD, not sure if there is any different in quality? does it feel really cheap?

please msg here or email me at


Art Samaniego said...

PhP10K is about 200USD. Yes, it feels very cheap, the gold is very red as compared to the original VERTU, but the weight is almost the same.