Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bayan Span

Badong tries the 'landline na mobile' of Bayantel at the MB parking lot.

The Wireless landline service of BayanTel is now being sold like taho and balot. The ambulant wireless landline vendor said that SPAN users can make unlimited landline calls from within and outside their house. Ramir Medino of MB IT Department however, said that in Pasig, subscribers have to go out of their houses in order to make a decent call.

The SPAN phone is as big as a regular mobile phone. It also has the features of the standard mobile phone such as phone directory, caller ID, stopwatch, timer, call logs, and others. The service also allows text messaging. You can send a text to any SPAN users, as well as existing users of other mobile services.

BayanTel SPAN now covers the whole of Metro Manila and the key cities nationwide, the vendor claimed.

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